It’s hard keeping pests like cockroaches and ants out of the home, but these methods will help to keep them at bay and prevent them from overtaking your space.


1. Clean up regularly

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. We would believe so, when it comes to keeping pests at bay. Do whatever it takes to keep things clean at home! Cockroaches and ants are attracted to food residue, particularly leftovers, scraps, crumbs, and even grease. So make sure you:

•    Wipe down the stove and kitchen counters each night

•    Do the dishes every day – no leaving of dirty dishes in the sink overnight!

•    Sweep and mop the floors at home regularly

•    Take out the trash daily

With a house that is so spick-and-span, it’s gonna be hardly inviting for cockroaches and ants to descend in drones.


2. Seal up any visible cracks or holes

Roaches and ants can crawl through even the smallest of spaces, tunneling through and making their own passageways. Give them no chance at all by sealing up cracks and holes anywhere inside your home. It may be a slight crack on the stovetop in your kitchen, a hole between the mosaic tiles in your bathroom or a gap in the wall tiles of your laundry area, cover them up with the help of industrial-strength caulk (also known as sealant).


3. Fix water leaks

Cockroaches live in dark clusters rich in moisture. Moisture attracts cockroaches. This is why you often see them scurrying underneath cupboards, dark corners and under the sink. Remove water leakages by fixing leaks in pipes. These resilient roaches can survive for months on end without food, but only days without water. So don’t keep stagnant water indoors – that includes not overwatering your indoor plants.


4. Use dehumidifiers

Singapore is a humid country. So even if we manage to tackle and solve the problem of leaks, we can’t necessarily control and tweak our climate, can we? Counter this by using dehumidifiers. Place moisture-desiccant box dehumidifiers in cupboards, below the kitchen stove, under the sink and anywhere else you think might likely be a hideout for cockroaches and ants. Keeping spaces as dry as possible will make the environment inhospitable to these roaches to dwell in.


5. Draw a line of chalk

Ants and chalk just don’t mix well. And that’s because ants that stumble through chalk get their thoraxes and abdomens all covered in chalk. The minerals in chalk, namely talc, can be fatal to ants. Get a pack of chalk and draw a thick, heavy line around entrances where you have spotted ants to repel them. Repeat as many times as needed. This is usually used in conjunction with another method of elimination to ensure optimal eradication.

Pro tip: You can use the same chalk to draw up a hopscotch design on your front porch or along your corridor, all for nostalgia’s sake. And teach your children the wonders of hopscotch.


6. Make a disinfectant solution using household bleach

Sodium hypochlorite, or commonly known as household bleach, is a trusty solution to disinfecting your home. When used correctly, it will also deter cockroaches and ants from roaming the surfaces cleaned and wiped down with it. Simply mix one part of household bleach to nine parts of water to form your own disinfectant solution. You can transfer it into a spray bottle for easy usage. Spray on countertops and wipe down with a kitchen rag towel. Do this regularly and you’ll no longer see ants crawling around. If all else fails, you know it’s time to call in the experts. Do not attempt to kill cockroaches by yourself or you may incur getting more of them at home. When not done properly, the half-dead cockroach may release its sacs of eggs and hence make the infestation worse. It’s tricky to remove a whole ant colony hidden deep within a crevice somewhere or kill a intrusion of cockroaches entirely so it’s a job best left to the pest terminators. With that, we wish you good luck in bidding farewell to these nasty intruders.  See you never, we say!


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