Trying to make your HDB flat feel more spacious? Well here are 6 creative ways to make your room look larger!

1) Turn small nooks in the corners into functional desk spaces, such as this dresser area. This also allows you to make better use of spaces like the bay window. You can also convert the area underneath the desk into storage spaces for maximum utility! 

2) Feature walls make a living room feel larger because it's in a contrasting colour, but you can also make it more functional by adding floating shelves and hooks onto it. This way, it makes the home feel spacious because all your acccessories are up on the wall. 

3) Loft beds are a great idea for creating more space in a flat, but why not consider turning the space beneath into a wardrobe too. By combining the bed and wardrobe area into one, you won't have to carve out more space to fit your clothes. 

4) If you're lucky enough to have a huge wall in the living room, you can break it up visually by building a cabinet in a contrsating colour in the middle of the wall. This helps to segment the spaces and make the room look visually larger. 

5) Cracking you head trying to find a spot for the washing machine? Why not put it under the kitchen counter? You can conceal it too so nobody knows it's there when you're not using the appliance. 

6) Bicycles are always a problem to store in the house. One way is to hang them up on the wall, so they don't take up valuable floor space and also helps to give the space a unique feel.