Because of shrinking floor areas and decreasing usable interior space in our high-rise homes, lots of homeowners are converting their balconies to get a more spacious living area — after all, how much time can you really spend outside in the heat and humidity? It is definitely a luxury to have open space where you can enjoy fresh air, but perhaps it makes more sense to sacrifice that for more much-needed living space.

So if you'd like to follow suit and integrate your balcony to become part of a more spacious and functional living area, here are 6 ways and ideas.


balcony redesign ideas spacious living area
1. It doesn't look it, but this dining area was actually the (large) balcony! The homeowners decided to capitalise on its floor area, so the designer had the entire flooring redone to tie the indoor and outdoor space together. Sliding louvred panels were also installed in front of the balcony railing, such that the family has the option of having either an open balcony-like space or an air-conditioned (larger) interior. Planters were installed between the louvred sliding panels and the existing balcony railing, as well as a green wall, for soothing views.


balcony redesign ideas spacious living area
2. The cosy reading nook in this home might not have been an actual balcony, but as an idea, it shows what your renovated balcony can look like. Just like in the example above, you can get sliding slatted screens (or folding doors) installed in front of the balcony parapet, turning the area into a reading corner or study adjacent to the main living area.


balcony redesign ideas spacious living dining area
3. The balcony doors are retained here, but they can slide unobtrusively to one side for a clear passage between what has become the dining area and the living room. Wooden blinds (get one that can hold up against weathering!) were installed to provide shade so the area is kept breezy and comfortable. Of course, a ceiling fan helps, too! The designer also provided storage space in the floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets, which doubles as a feature wall that homogenises the look of this "extended" living area with the inside.


balcony redesign ideas spacious living area
4. Here, the balcony doors were removed and a platform finished in the same wood-toned flooring was added. Clear glass panels and casement windows wrap around the space, creating a conservatory-like effect and offering a great view!


balcony redesign ideas spacious living area bedroom
5. The sleeping area under the sloped roof was actually the house's back balcony. It was sealed up with windows, and the zinc roof was clad with timber for a touch of warmth and cosiness. The small unused area is maximised, and you get a cool ceiling feature and more space!


balcony redesign ideas spacious living area
6. When a balcony is so small that you don't know what you can do to it or in it, it becomes "wasted" space. So this tiny curved balcony here was integrated into the interior space by simply adding windows on the parapet and removing the separating door. It may not have added copious amount of space, but it is still a significant change! Doing away with the balcony door allows more light into the dark living area, and every little bit of space can be utilised.