Also called the Hamptons look, the elegant beach-inspired setting you see is quite simple to put together! Despite its elegant atmosphere, you don’t actually have to spend a bomb to achieve it. Caroline Chin Geyler from furniture brand Arete Culture tells us how to do it in this one-minute video:

The look: A relaxed, beach-side living done in a classy and timeless way. It’s all about light, brightness and colours from nature.

The colours: Blue, teal, sand, cloud (which is in-between a soft grey and barley) — natural, unadulterated tones you’re surrounded by everyday. Muted tones that literally work with anything!

Key pointers:

The elegant, beach-inspired look is more about texture than prints

– Be refrained in your colour tone; less is more and the colours shouldn’t “shout” at you

– Layering is key. For instance, if you have a dove grey-hued tray, you can layer it items in shades of darker grey .

Accessories with shiny surfaces add an elegant touch, whereas greenery and flowers make it more nature-inspired.

Caroline’s must-haves:

Beautiful candles, especially for dining tables and dinner parties, are my number one recommendation. They give a visual as well as olfactory impact, which is important when engaging the senses and creating a beach-style atmosphere.” 

 – Add your own natural elements. “It could be a rock, flowers, or shells — like we used in the video. Anything with soft and sophisticated colours.”