Harmless kitchen habits? Not quite. Some may leave you sick. 

1) Not cleaning your board properly

Each time you use your cutting board, make sure to clean it properly as bacteria and food particles can get into the crevices of the board.

2) Using the same sponge for too long, and 3)not letting sponges dry properly

This allows bacteria to build up and easily transfer itself across your plates, pots, and utensils. Also, if you leave sponges at the bottom of the sink, you’re allowing them to soak in a puddle of their germs! Get a plastic holder to hang them dry.

4) Putting an entire pot into the fridge

Your fridge has a whole host of bacteria and leaving an entire hot pot of food inside could risk cross contamination.

5) Not cleaning the sink

It might seem silly to clean your sink (after all, isn’t your sink where things go to get clean?) but food debris and other things could still be lingering in your sink and contaminate your food.

6) Leaving dishrags lying around countertops

Most of us are guilty of this. After each use, put the dish rag back to the same place so it doesn’t contaminate counter tops and utensils.

7) Not rinsing plates and utensils before usage

Even if your plates look clean, chances are, there could be spots you’ve missed while washing them. Or, pests could have crawled on them while you were sleeping. Rinse and wipe them with a clean microfibre cloth.