You are probably bored of the way your home looks after living in it for years. Give it a makeover without spending a lot of money!


1. Simply place a nice and interesting rug to add to your space.


2. Changing slipcovers of your sofa, or bedding can completely change the look of your room.


3. Make your bed look more interesting by installing a unique headboard. Ideas include one that is painted on the wall, a wooden frame mounted on the wall or you can DIY one using wooden poles and bold-coloured ropes. Check this out for some quirky ideas.


4. You can add striking throw pillows on your plain-coloured sofa, or add a vase of flowers to your coffee table to create varying heights.


5. Old furniture? Don’t throw them away! Give them a new life by spray painting or applying a new coat of varnish. Here’s how to spray paint your chair.


6.You can also use a piece of fabric with interesting patterns and colours as a tablecloth, or as a bed skirt.


7. Hang some of your favourite art pieces, or even photos taken by yourself, on the wallNot only will you give your space a new look, you will also add some personality too!