Instead of the regular bed frames and headboards, why not build something of your own that reflects character and yet is still fun and functional.

(Design: Profilez)

A black framed headboard finished in wood-like laminate adds a modern, industrial edge to the bedroom.

(Design: DistinctIdentity)

Simple lines add dimension to an otherwise plain wall, and the two bedside lamps complement the modern look of this bedroom.

(Design: Splendor)

A fabric canopy visually bring the soaring ceiling closer to the bed. Drapes add drama to the sides and keep out the sun when drawn shut.

(Design: The Design Practice)

The concrete look combined with the peranakan-style tiles makes an interesting headboard which reminds us of designs in old shophouses.

(Design: Lekker Design)

Shelves comprise the headboard of this customised bed, perfect for book lovers!

(Design: Profilez)

The headboard in this master bedroom has hidden storage spaces, great to hide clutter in the home. The creative lightning symbol cut-out and bright blue lines make it look edgy too!

Free Space Intent)

This built-in bed has a concrete hollow block-finished headboard and frame that allows the homeowner to display small accessories and ornaments.

More design inspirations for your bedroom: