Your company may employ cleaners to throw out the trash and clean public areas, but this doesn’t mean that your office is germ-free. In fact, cleaning company Helpling says the coffee mug you’re drinking out of could be filled with bacteria too! 

The University of Arizona has proven that 20 percent of all inspected coffee mugs are contaminated with facial bacteria, even when cleaned with hot water. So wash your mug on a daily basis with detergent or put it directly into the dishwasher.    

Here are six other germy places to know. Don’t fall into complacency — keep that hand-sanitiser close!

The coffee machine

A hot cuppa sounds like the perfect antidote to those stressful meetings. But you have to be careful. According to a study, mold is detected in every second coffee machine. Furthermore, the machines are more contaminated with microorganisms than door handles or even toilet seats. Hot water rinsing daily through the machine is not enough to keep it clean. More effective: vinegar-based cleaner! It cleans, disinfects and descales the coffee machine properly. For mold-free coffee – do this cleaning every two weeks.

The printer and the copying machine

The printer and copier are touched by several hands each day. The interface or touchpad, especially, is an ideal germ distributor. These devices are warm due to permanently being used, too and therefore make the perfect breeding ground for germs. Wipe these surfaces with PC-wipes every time you wish to touch the printer! You can easily find these cleaning wipes in every supermarket.     

The office fridge

“I’ll eat it later”: this is a statement you hear often from your colleagues, who stashes opened yoghurt cups, partially eaten food and bread into the fridge. Unfortunately, many forget about their leftovers, leaving them stale and mouldy. This is why bacteria can spread quickly and affect other food like vegetables and fruits. So be responsible for your own lunch and throw them away after two days in the fridge!       

The microwave

Do you also warm up your lunch in the office microwave? Try taking a quick look inside and observe the leftovers within the corners of the microwave. Not forgetting the knobs and handle that is home to an unappetising mass of germs! Make use of the versatile vinegar-based cleaner to scrub the microwave thoroughly before you put your lunch in it.   

The desk

The desk is much dirtier than the toilet. If you have not cleaned your desk since you first joined the company, it is advised to wipe your desk with a vinegar-based solution or antibacterial wipe once a week.

The keyboard

Keyboards attract a big amount of germs, especially since we use them continuously for up to 8 hours a day. Food crumbs, dried skin and sweat contribute to the grime. Avoid wiping your keyboard with a wet cloth as the moisture could damage it. Instead, tilt the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove any loose debris. Additionally, pay some attention to the mouse right next to the keyboard!