Apart from choosing the right load size –  a 7kg or 8kg washer is enough to fulfil the needs of a four- to six-person household – you should also pay attention to the features included in your washing machines.

Here are some useful features for the household, from users with sensitive skin to families with curious, button-pressing children. 

(Can’t decide between a top-load or a front-load? This might help you decide.)

1) Delicate Cycle
For those who own a lot of silk, lace, wool or other delicate apparel.

2) Pre-wash
An extra wash cycle without detergent, meant for heavily soiled garments such as muddy army uniforms or dirty sports jerseys.

3) Bulky Items
Towels, comforters and bed linens not only need more space, they require a function that allows them to be efficiently soaked and washed as well.

4) Warm Wash or Allergy Care
Those with sensitive skin may benefit from laundry that is washed in warm water. Warmer temperatures remove germs, allergens, dust mites, pollen and pet fur effectively.

4) Eco-friendly
Washers with sensors that detect how much laundry you have, and match the quantity to the appropriate amount of water, time and detergent needed.

5) High-spin Speed
A faster spin speed helps in extracting more moisture, resulting in a less damp load for drying.

6) Child Lock
A safety feature that prevents children from pressing the wrong button on the control panel during a cycle.