Working from home does not mean plonking down on your bed with a laptop in your hands. You need to set up a conducive home office so you can get work done without getting distracted — or back pains! 


Don’t be afraid to try out different spaces before you decide. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dedicated room; if you seem to get most work done while sitting at the dining table, that’s fine too. It’s also possible to block out parts of a room either by using portable screens or divider walls. It’s important to have privacy when you’re working but also necessary to be able to ‘switch off’ when you’re not working.


Natural light is a great mood stimulant and when you’re happy, you’re inclined to do better work too. Pick a room with a big window so you’ll get daylight, and place your desk close to the window. A good spot would be parallel to the window, so you can take in the scenery every few minutes, but not get too distracted by the view.  


Light from the outside isn’t enough, you also have to think of the times that you’ll be working nights or on cloudy days when there’s not much sunlight. While overhead lights are useful, it’s best to enhance them with lamps. Desk and floor lamps are the best options. However, don’t place any form of lighting directly above your computer screen as it will cause eye strain.  


Good seating support is one of the most important things because of the number of hours that you’ll be spending in your seat. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair and your back will thank you for it. If you want to go for a cheaper option, get a good seat support for your chair instead. A foot rest is also a good way to go.


Sometimes, you need to think or read to get your brain juice flowing. Apart from your work desk, have a comfortable couch or reclining chair for cosy area in your office. Get a small table where you can keep your coffee too. And treat your workspace as you would an office anywhere by getting the right stationery and accessories.

There’s nothing worse than pens and folders strewn across the table, so keep clutter to a minimum too. Plants have been proven to increase productivity and reduce stress levels — plus, it adds colour to your workspace!

This article was written by Balvinder Sandhu for Her World Plus.