Who knew that there is actually an art to mismatching your dining chairs! Yes, just because they are mismatched doesn't mean that simply anything goes. With the current trend of having a casual, informal cafe-style dining room, the irony is that it actually requires some effort in getting the look right. But don't worry, we're here to help!

So if "effortlessly stylish" is the look you're going for, follow this guideline. 


1. Include both chairs with and without arms. Just place the armchairs at the ends! And pick out styles with similar details, such as rounded edges and tapered legs. 


2. Place chairs on one side, and a bench on the opposite side of your dining table. The chairs should be on the side where the wall is — good for not-so-nice chair backs, while the bench should be on the side that is open to the living room or adjacent space. 


3. Go with variations from the same design family. Same, but different — keeps things uncomplicated, but interesting!

4. Customise chairs in similar shapes and forms, but with different scales and materials, for a uniformed — but definitely not boring — look. Great for a modern classic dining room!


5. Just have one or two statement pieces in a totally different style, standing out from the rest. Works for a larger dining table that seats at least six. 

6. Mix built-in and loose pieces. Design banquette seating for odd corners and to maximise space, and choose chairs that have slim profiles to go along, to prevent the area from looking "bulky".


7. Do half and half. Select two colour tones, and two silhouettes. This way, every chair is different, and yet they all relate to each other. You get variation and your family can play favourites!