1) Always wait until full load before washing or drying – two half-loads use more energy than a single load.

2) After washing has completed, switch off the machine as the machine will still be using electricity if any display light is on.

3) Wash clothes at 30°C, rather than warmer temperatures. This saves electricity and will not compromise cleaning performance. (It's been said that lower temperatures may cause mould build-up! See maintenance tips here.)

4) Use the high-spin speed on your washer – it dries your laundry, so you will use lesser electricity with the tumble dryer 

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5) Use dryers with sensors which detect the moisture level of the laundry, and dry clothes of similar fabric together, so as to have equal heat distribution. Both will prevent over-drying and and over-consumption of energy.

6) Place the tumble dryer in a well-ventilated room to prevent tumble dryer from over-heating

7) Washers with load sensors will help you determine the optimum time and water level and detergent required for the wash; this ensures you do not use up the three factors more than you need to! 

Information provided by Whirlpool, Electrolux, City Gas.