Not sure which style will suit your kitchen? Here's a list of kitchen styles to inspire you! 

Modern Industrial

modern, industrial, homes, kitchen, stylish, countertop,
By: Spacedge

This industrial-style kitchen was designed for sensibilities of form and function. The wooden base supporting the kitchen countertop adds warmth, while the all-black kitchen cabinets along the wall create depth and drama. The stainless steel backsplash in the framed hob/hood nook gives the space a professional look.

Vintage Industrial

vintage, industrial, kopitiam chair, fun, whimsical, kitchen, homes, concrete
By: Design Intervention

To create this look, the surfaces were kept polished or plain (concrete), while open shelves afford easy access to crockery and utensils. Inject some colour with kooky objects or vessels in floral motifs. Paint an old kopitiam chair a candy-pink hue to create a sense of whimsy. A wooden free-standing cabinet was added to provide both storage and a sense of warmth.

Relaxed Tropical

relaxed, tropical, greenery, cookspace, kitchen, homes, dining area
By: Fortune Wood

Greenery was introduced as the focal point in this cookspace, opening up the kitchen to the yard for a modern tropical ambience. There’s ample storage for the prized tableware, while an island serves a place for family members to convene over a meal. Whether for a discussion or dining, the island becomes supremely practical without dominating the space.

Modern Country

victorian, country-style, sophisticated, kitchen, homes, baroque chandelier
By: The Cottage Crafts

Going country in the kitchen may seem a little dated – but given a coat of white, these country-style cabinets with their signature arches and moulded details convey a temporary air. The sophistication is heightened by the black flooring, which gives the look depth and some oomph. Top it off by incorporating a baroque chandelier for a touch of glitz.

Masculine Monochrome

masculine, monochrome, practical, homes, kitchen, bold graphic
By: Formwerkz

This kitchen space was designed to be a practical, masculine-looking kitchen using a monochrome palette. The polished granite top brings an air of sophistication while the fabric placed under the glass gives a backsplash. Grey-laminate cabinets were used to balance out the bold graphic element.

Quirky Cool

kitchen, homes, industrial, warehouse, dark green, stainless steel, masculine
By: Museum ID

This industrial edge-meets-warehouse look uses dark green, high glaze porcelain tiles with their alternating alignment add an old-school touch. The galvanised surfaces – a fusion of stainless steel – bestow a masculine feel. The colour of the corrugated sheet becomes the focal point in the open apartment. Interestingly, this set up is owed by a bachelorette with an affinity for unconventional materials. 

Distressed chic

distressed chic, Japanese aesthetics, concrete flooring, kitchen, homes, minimalist
By: JQ Ong

What makes this kitchen design work is the contrast of industrial-style, concrete flooring and crisp, minimalist Japanese aesthetics. The largely monochromatic palette keeps the look sleek and clean, too.