Design: Museum Homes


Everyone seems to be loving the trendy loft style lately!

The term "loft" actually refers to an attic or mezzanine space that is directly below the roof of a house, which aren't meant to be main living spaces because of their odd shapes. However, the trendy, contemporary concept of loft-style living came about as a result of the conversion and transformation of industrial buildings to dwellings and living spaces. Therefore, a loft-style space typically features a wide, open floor plan, large windows allowing lots of light in, and high ceilings, and is characterised by urban design. 

Here are some HDB flat homes with designs that embrace loft-style living.


Design: Distinct Identity


Design: Black N White House


Design: Eighty Two


Design: Joey Khu Interior Design


Design: Space Sense


Design: Project File


Design: Space Sense


Which is your favourite?