Keep things neat, so you don't spend hours for your next spring clean!

(Design: Black and White)

ALLOCATE: Set aside space or shelves near your home or room entrance for your keys, phone, mail and bag. 

ORGANISE IT RIGHT: When organising your cupboards, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, place the most commonly used items in the most accessible space (usually the middle shelves or those at eye level), and the rest on higher or lower ones.

ROLL TOWELS: Roll up your towels like a log and adjust the height of your wardrobe shelves to about 10cm high to store them. It's easier to take them out than if they were stacked up.

WINTER CLOTHES: Vacuum pack winter gears into storage bags (available from stores like Daiso and Howards Storage World) and store them in your luggage. Pack in a charcoal sachet (from Daiso) to absorb any musky odours.

GET YOUR SHEETS TOGETHER: Fold sheets neatly and place them into their corresponding pillowcases so it's easy to find each set.

STORE AND LABEL: The next time you buy food containers, go for the clear and squarish ones instead of the opaque round ones – they take up less space in the cabinet and fridge, can be stacked, and let you see what's inside. 

Place leftovers at eye level in the fridge so they dont get forgetten, and keep a roll of masking tape and a marker in the topmost kitchen drawer, so you can label containers to mark what you keep inside.

STATIONERY STATION: Use a cutlery tray to sort out pens, pencils, colour pencils, markers, crayons and any other stationery. One with deep compartments is great if you have lots to keep. Place it in an accessible drawer and get the kids to pop in their stray pens in there consistently.

DRAWERS FOR DOCS If you don't have time to file documents like warranties, credit card bills and insurance documents, chests of short drawers (available from Muji and Ikea) are useful for organising documents. Go through them once every six months to recycle or discard what you don't need to keep.

STICK THEM ON: Attach a magnetic knife rack to the inside of your drawer with strong double-sided tape and let it hold loose bobby pins and paper clips.

This story was first published in the digital edition of Simply Her November 2014.