Three-D Conceptwerke, paint colour, choosing colour
Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

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We know it is difficult to envision how paint colour will look
 like on a wall when your only reference is a thumbnail-size square in a paint catalogue, but the great thing about paint is that it’s not permanent.

Here are some tips from Bernard Tan of Akzo Nobel Paints, the parent company of Dulux, that you can use to get the best results.

It is always recommended to look at your paint catalogue and choose hues under natural daylight to get the most accurate representation of the colour, he says. Looking at colours under different lighting conditions, such as fluorescent or tungsten (warm) lighting,
will skew your perception
 of the shade.

Also, bear in mind that the coloured squares in the catalogue are surrounded by white space, and tend
 to look brighter than when on the actual wall.

“The colour usually looks a little ‘darker’ on a large surface like a wall. How much darker it looks is subjective,” says Bernard.