WHAT: The Ace Hotel, a 182-room hotel with a rooftop pool and bar, located in what used to be the United Artists Building. It is designed by Commune Design.

WHERE: Downtown Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT: While Ace hotel kept the Spanish Gothic exterior, the interior is a mash-up of styles, from gothic to art deco to industrial – it depends which part of the hotel you are at, really!

(images by Spencer Lowell)

A grand entrance needs a bold floor, and these checkered tiles do just that – especially when paired with the towering bookcases and stained glass. References to past eras, whether through art, music or decor, are found throughout the hotel.

Green on green – the right hues, that is – is a colour combination to follow. It can be dramatic and mysterious, especially when paired with black.

The rooftop pool looks especially inviting, with earthy and muted tones such as olive geen and brown.

(images: Ace Hotel)

The rooms at Ace Hotel are simple, but oozes character. It features an industrial-style backdrop, which allows the furnishings – in a mid-century modern palette – to pop. We love the mustard-hued carpets and the pendleton blankets! The double sinks are fitted with brass faucets and a marble top.