Cleaning the bathroom can be such a chore, and yet it's an activity we all have to deal with regularly for the sake of hygiene. From stain removal to the unclogging of pipes, here are some helpful tips to washing each problematic area of your bathroom:

Prevent scum from surfacing in the first place – squeegee the surfaces and wipe them clean after every shower.

Shower Area
1. Combine vinegar and dishwashing liquid (1:1) in a spray bottle.
2. Spray the gel-like mixture onto the surface and let sit for a few hours.
3. Use a sponge and some warm water to wipe off the scum.

1. Wet a couple of fabric softener sheets and scrub stubborn water spots away.
2. Another option is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which looks like a very dense firm white foam).
3. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly after.

Sink & tub drains
Follow the same steps that you would use on clogged pipes, to remove hair, grease and soap scum build-up:
1. Pour in ½ cup baking soda, followed by ½ cup. (Careful, the combination of will produce foaming and fumes.)
2. Let it sit for three hours before running water.
For more info, see our entry on simple plumbing for the home.

All cleaning supplies can be easily found at supermarkets.