Design: Desmond Ong

1) Exposed water pipes and valve as a utilitarian industrial-chic statement. No need for fancy water faucets to look cool!


Design: Joey Khu Interior Design

2) Gilded mosaic walls that give any compact bathroom a luxurious look.


Design: Grafunkt

3) Repurposed loose furniture as a bathroom vanity — creative and different! (See this chest of drawers.)


Design: Free Space Intent

4) Ceiling hooks that allow you to dangle lighting cables or plants overhead.


Design: Whiz Concepts

5) A customised water faucet suspended from the ceiling.


Design: Museworks

6) A centralised open shower. 


Design: The Carpenter's

7) An imported exotic bathtub!


Design: Md.Ma Design Consultants

8) A customised sunken bath which water fills up from a slit in the wall, rather than a faucet.


Design: Spacedge Designs

9) A TV installed on a rotatable panel so you can watch from the tub or bed.


Design: Audrey Lee Interiors

10) An outdoor shower with antique-looking doors.


Which is your favourite?