It’s easy to give your bedroom the perfect finishing touch, the way professionals do, as long as you follow these simple rules by interior style guru Sarah Richardson.

Having spent over 25 years in the industry, Sarah Richardson has done it all, from being a prop stylist and set decorator, to becoming one of the most sought-after designers and television personalities in Canada offering decor and design advice.

Her design-related series include Room Service, Design Inc., Sarah’s House and, most recently, Sarah 101. Off-air, she heads interior design firm Design Inc. In an interview with Home & Decor Singapore, Sarah shares four tips to styling a bedroom.

Mix Things Up

Torn between classical and contemporary, or country and industrial style? Don’t be restricted by a singular look. Instead, have the best of both worlds by incorporating a fair share of elements from two styles, into one space. This way, there are sufficient features to anchor both styles to create a holistic look.

Size Matters

Choose furnishings that are of the right size and scale for the room. You won’t want a bed that’s too large, as that will make the space look cramped. The bedroom furniture should complement one another to create a unified look.

Right Height 

How tall should your bedside table be? It should be at least as tall as the top of your mattress so you can access items from your bed with ease.

Choosing Colours

Begin by selecting a patterned fabric for one of your furnishings or accessories, such as cushions, throws or curtains. Pick a hue from the chosen fabric and match them with paint swatches. A trick is to go two shades lighter to achieve the palette for a restful environment.

Catch Sarah on Sarah 101, which airs on the Makeful channel from Aug 10-12 at 8.55pm.