These great ideas for small spaces come from the hotel rooms you love – form and function guaranteed!

Sliding Doors 
At the Park Royal on Pickering, space-saving sliding doors are used to partition the bedroom and bathroom, giving you the option of a private bathroom or an open-concept living space.

hotel room, siding door, bathtub, wood


Mirror Strip
Just a simple mirror strip across the wall
of this room at Naumi hotel makes a big difference to how the space feels. It reflects the outside scenery, functioning as a second “window”; and also becomes a design feature in the room.

hotel room, Naumi, bedroom, mirror


Built-in Desk
Make use of the bay window by using it as part of your desk. Extend the desk perpendicular to the window, as in this room at Park Royal on Pickering, propping it up with a drawer beneath. This way, you’ll get a great view with your working area.

hotel room, bedroom, desk, study

Pull-Out Desk
Rooms at Naumi employ a hollow below the pull-out desk to conceal power points and wires (below), keeping the workspace clutter-free and tidy.

hotel room, bedroom, desk, cable management


Below the Bed
Naumi makes use of the space under its beds to tuck away the iron (above). You can build these drawers to store bedlinen and towels.

bedroom, storage, bed


Conceal with Curtains
Curtains are decorative and can hide a plethora of structures. In this room at the New Majestic Hotel, the wardrobe has a built-in tabletop and drawers that can be used as a workspace or dressing table and is easily concealed behind the curtain. A stool can be tucked away easily, too.