WHAT: Coffee & Coconuts, a three-storey cafe set in what used to be a Ceintuur Theatre.

WHERE: The Pijp neighbourhood, Amsterdam

WHY WE LOVE IT: The cafe creates a laid-back atmosphere by making use of what they have (and most places don't) – plenty of space and natural light. 

It always starts with the entrance, and Coffee & Coconut sets itself apart with a mirrored facade.

The cafe keeps its interiors pretty simple, and chose materials that complement this airy space. For instance, light-coloured wood and neutral-toned furnishings bring out the red brick walls, while mismatched furniture and weaved rattan lamps add an organic vibe.

No hipster cafe is complete without framed displays. Coffee & Coconuts keeps it consistent with black-and-white photographs; it is decorative but does not overwhelm the space.

(images by Daniel Lucas Faro)

As with every good Scandi-style interior, greenery is a must. These hanging plants, and the comfortable bean bags help create a relaxing space.