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Water spillage is common in kitchens, so it is not suitable to overlay your kitchen tiles with real wood or laminate flooring, unlike in a living room or bedroom.

To achieve the look of
 wood but with the added toughness, durability and ease of maintenance for such an often- used space, your best choice would be to install wood-lookalike homogenous tiles. These can be laid over your existing flooring.

However, overlaying is advisable only if there is already a difference in levels between 
the kitchen and the area adjacent to it, such as a step up or down. Otherwise, there is no way to bridge the part where the flooring of different heights meet. If the existing flooring is sound and intact, with no cracked tiles
 and unevenness, conventional 10mm-thick timber-look tiles
 will be good enough to lay over it, says Terry Tan, director at stone and tile company Rice.