fridge magnets
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It’s difficult to resist buying a little travel souvenir while on holiday, but it can all add up, even fridge magnets! Nathalie Ricaud, a professional organiser from Get Organised & Beyond, shares some tips for dealing with your collection.

“You first need to purge. To do that, sort the items based on categories that make sense to you – for example, by country, or by type of item, and select among each category the ones that are most meaningful to you.  Let go of the rest. If you find yourself struggling with this, take pictures of each item, and put them in a photo album, scrapbook, or even a photo montage to be displayed on a wall. This way, you’ll free some space while still retaining evidence of your travel souvenirs.

On future trips, before buying a souvenir, ask yourself whether it would fit with the decor of your home and where exactly you would put it. A “souvenir” can also be your memory of your experience in the country. Remembering the atmosphere, the people, the colours, the food, and the smell of a place can be as powerful as bringing home an item.