Chaise longues, ascot sofas, Chesterfields… sofa-hunting can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, or quite the opposite, when you want your derrieres on everything. Narrow down your options by figuring out two things: your personality and the style or theme of your home.

If you’re still wondering, perhaps HipVan’s infographic on choosing the perfect sofa based on personality types will steer you in the right direction. The Lawson-style sofa for example, with its wide berth and armrests, is suited for those who’ll be spending long hours lounging on the sofa. Comfort is key.

Pressed for space and like to work from home? The HILLMAN sofa bed by NEST is a classic convertible sofa, characterised in the HipVan infographic as one with an upright angle for good posture and is firm for maximum productivity. Perfect for go-getters.

Or maybe you’re not looking for cookie cutter sofas and would like a combination of factors. In this Proj. B Studio common area, the owners opted for a L-shaped, backless couch – commonly pushed against a wall – and spruced it up with a variety of cushions. The base also doubles as a storage area. 

Did you find your sofa personality?