The Amazonia Chinoiserie wallcovering collection's pretty colour is close to Pantone's 631C Pro Blue. 

At first glance, this soft hue that straddles the sphere between a light turquoise and an intense Aqua on the colour chart may seem like a difficult shade to use in the home. And yet, there is something so ethereal and mesmerising about this teal-like blue tone, which captivates our senses as soon as we lay eyes on it.

Perhaps it is because the colour calls to mind the imagery of a wide open sky meeting with the deep blue ocean in an unobstructed view of the horizon. The colour possesses an innate sense of calm and serenity, holding within its embrace the potential of delivering all the good things that nature provides.

David Tham, Creative Director of StudioNorm

“Greenish-blue hues like this gives me a sense of comfort and tranquility due to the environment and scenes they remind," says David Tham, Creative Director of StudioNorm. "I would suggest this tone to be used in spaces of retreat and relaxation, like a bedroom or powder room. Homeowners can consider pairing it with pastel hues of beige or pink with highlights in matte gold. However, detailed motifs such as this stunning chinoiserie design can overwhelm the look of the space, so use sparingly.”

The Amazonia Chinoiserie wallcovering collection, designed by Edgardo Osorio for De Gournay, is available at Tatum.