An important haven for rest and relaxation after a hectic day at work is worth the money you spent creating it-but it isn’t always problem-free. Here’s how you solve these common issues so you can get that perfect sanctuary. 

Problem 1: Multiple users at one time

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Image: Prozfile

Usage of the bathroom hits its peak in the morning, especially among working couples. So, how do you address the issue of catering for two busy individuals bent on getting to work on time? If your bathroom can afford the space, then having two sinks will help ease the crunch. If space is an issue, think about extending your bathroom space. It may not be logical to create two sinks, but you could perhaps include a “dry area” for towelling, combing hair and vanity routine. 

Problem 2: Inadequate natural light and ventilation

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Image: Project File 

With more space to play in landed homes, a creative designer can create a private leafy sanctuary where you gaze out to an indoor garden while you shower. Even a skylight roof will allow you to enjoy a bath under the stars or sunny skies. If you’re shy, opt for frosted glass, which brings in natural light while keeping your showering moments private and indulgent, or replace the window vents with clear glass to allow light to enter. For small bathrooms with insufficient lighting, it is important to include a balanced contrast for the three basic types of lighting, namely ambient, accent and task. Soft ambient lighting needs to be introduced in a concealed manner to compensate for the lack of natural daylight. This can be done through the larger spatial elements of wall mirrors, ceiling board and wall niches, etc. Ventilation issues can be reduced with lesser compartmentalising of the bathroom, such as reduced height of glass shower doors, or an open-concept bathrooms with dry sink areas linking to the bedroom. 

Problem 3: Inadequate toiletries storage space

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Image: Spacedge Designs

We can understand that there are individuals with an affinity for toiletries. They indulge in a wide variety of shower gels, bath soaks, shampoos and lotions, but storing them can be a nightmare. If you want to create a clutter-free bathroom but haven’t got the storage space to store your prized toiletries, why not consider a trolley? You can push it to your bathtub for easy access to your sanitary spoils, without leaving your soak!

Problem 4: Bathtub (a) want one, (b) don’t use the one you have

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Image: Fuse Concept

A bathtub in a HDB toilet may seem challenging, but it has been done before. Only fibreglass bathtubs are allowed in HDB units because their weight is permissible. Some individuals think a tub might make the space looked cramped but when you invest in good quality fibreglass bathtub and with the right space planning, you can indulge in a luxurious soak. Take note if your bathtub could potentially be a white elephant: Is it the hassle of filling up with water, or the cleaning up? Does your bathroom inspire you to indulge in a soak? As with any piece of equipment, some level of maintenance and running cost is expected. Soaking in a tub requires good ambience with the right lighting, positioning of the bathtub and the accessories that go with it. A quick spatial rejuvenation to encourage you to take long soaks in your bathtub is to de-clutter – think: you need to rest your eyes upon a space that is relaxing. Add dimmable lights or introduce some natural light, bring in some plants and play some music. Even consider scents like perfumed candles to enhance the mood.  Another way to turn a bathtub that has become a white elephant into something soothing –to the eye and the body- is by placing a decorative wooden board to serve as a display area for small potted plants. 

Problem 5: Over-splashing tap

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Image: Design Unit

Selecting the right design will save you some frustration because the wrong tap with the wrong sink can certainly land you in a watery situation. You certainly don’t want a wet floor each time you turn the tap on! The placement of the sink with the tap defines how much splash it creates. If the sink is too close to the standing tap, the water may spill over the edge when it is initially turned on. The space of the sink also has a part to play as it would guide the water into the sink hole. An overhead tap mounted on the wall would have to be positioned correctly over the sink hole to ensure faster drainage. Also note that some sinks don’t come with overflow holes, so be mindful when you shop.