Renovating your home? Elementz Design offers interior design solutions that are in line with its philosophy of providing clients with beautiful and functional homes.

Elementz Design’s interior designers also advise positioning tall cabinets away from ceiling fans to ensure
that there are no restrictions for opening and closing of the doors. 


Besides offering excellent customer service, it provides customised, relevant and detailed plan drawings that indicate details such as the homeowners’ choice of colours and materials. This is all arranged before work on the home commences. 

Customised detailed drawings by Elementz Design indicate details such as materials used and cabinetry dimensions.

The firm has some tips for homeowners who are starting to plan the layout of their homes. Besides furniture placement, they should consider the position of fixed elements, such as the heights of pendant lights; and the position of air-conditioner units, which are not pleasing to the eye. Their location can affect the aesthetics of a home, and the homeowners’ level of comfort. 

Aside from advice on furniture placement or styling, Elementz Design highlights the importance of considering the position of fixed elements, such as the heights of pendant lights.

As space planning involves not just the placement of furniture, Elementz Design is able to provide interior design tips on how you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable home.

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