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Which window treatment should you choose for your home? We help you decide with these tips!

Natural Light 
Natural light bathes your interiors in a special glow, but too much sun can be detrimental to your space. Imagine sun-bleached wood furniture! To shade rooms with too much sun, opt for heavy and thick blinds such as roller blinds. Consider if you would need blinds to keep out the heat as well. Remember, dark fabrics absorb heat while light-coloured fabrics are better for reflecting the heat away. Mr Wong of marketing manager of Onna Prima, a specialist in blinds, suggests wooden blinds to redirect light. “Wood blinds can reflect sunlight to the ceiling; just tilt the slats.”

Sound Insulation 
Those living on the ground floor or close to major roads are more directly affected by noise. Materials that can keep sound out better are wood and bamboo, over metal or plastic.

The perfect window treatment for your home doesn’t just look good on its own, but also looks good with the room. It has to harmonise with the other design elements in the space. For example, getting an overly decorative fabric on your blinds and shades for a room that focuses on subtle decorations will be jarring.

The View 
If the view outside your window is stunning, consider blinds that frame the view rather than block it. This means blinds that can be pulled up and tucked away, or pushed to the side. But if the view is nothing worth mentioning, purchase blinds that can act as a decor feature when closed or get them in the same shade as the walls so less attention is drawn to it.

Cleaning shades and blinds is a relatively easy task compared to the laborious task of washing curtains. Of course, it also depends on the material it is made of. For common materials such as aluminum and fabric, simply vacuum the blinds and give each panel a quick wipe with a dry cloth. Cleaning your blinds once a month is more than enough for most homes.