Living room, hardwood floor, wooden flooring
Design: PIU Design

Being made of real wood, hardwood flooring is prone to scratches, marks and dents caused by footwear, furniture
 and pets. Make sure all your furniture legs are fitted with floor protectors. Place a mat in front of your main door to trap any grit or dirt from shoes before they make it into your home, and to prevent fine scratches on your floor. If children play on the floor, place a rug in the play area to prevent toys from marking the floor surface.

For cleaning, first use wiper mops fitted with microfibre sheets, which can pick up fine dust and hair. Then, either vacuum with a floor-brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, or clean with
a slightly damp mop. If using a cleaning solution, check that it’s suitable for wood floors. Harsh chemicals might remove the finish on the floor or discolour it.

If your mop is too wet, the water might seep into your flooring and cause damage. If you do see water residue on your floor after mopping, use a dry mop
 or cloth to go over the surface again. Make sure the room is well ventilated so any moisture left will dry quickly.

There are also cleaning systems specially made for hardwood floors, such as those from Bona. Do a basic cleaning every week to prevent any build- up of dust and dirt, and your floor will always be in good shape!