Did you know, there is more to household cleaning than you thought?

Living in this bustling metropolis of ours, along with hectic work schedules, cleaning our house often seems like a laborious and exhausting chore. We find ourselves dreading having to spend a precious portion of our weekend, laboriously cleaning around the house as well as figuring out which products to use or not, or if they are even harmful to our bodies even though they may remove the dirt. Fret no more, steam cleaning is the perfect all-in-one solution for deep, yet hassle-free home cleaning – the right combination of ergonomics and peace of mind that you want from a weekend deep clean.

Let’s start with the top three spots that are the usual cleaning headaches.

1. Steam away stains on the carpet

Accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee onto the carpet while having your breakfast in the morning? Or dribbled some wine on the couch while catching up on the latest TV show? Steam away the stains with Kärcher’s SC 2 Deluxe Steam Cleaner – the winner of Red Dot Award 2018, in the Product Design Category.

For starters, did you know coffee contains compounds called tannins? Tannins are a type of polyphenol that break down in water, and they are also found in beverages like wine or tea. Often, tannins cause coloured compounds to stick more readily to fabric and they can leave an unwanted yellow or brown hue behind.

Before you reach for a stain remover or start booking for cleaning services, an effective method to clean such stains is to use a steam cleaner. The secret of steam cleaning lies in the combination of pressure, speed and temperature. The simple but powerful high-temperature ejection of steam emits microscopic steam particles that dislodge and breakdown the tannins, without the use of chemicals. Voilà! The stains are removed, leaving the carpet as good as new.

2. Groove to the ease of removing grease

Grease stains are common around kitchen tops and its surrounding. Overtime, the oil and fats used while cooking slowly coats the surfaces in your kitchen, making them look grimy. When left alone and allowed to accumulate, grease stains can glue itself in place to form an unsightly mess that can no longer be removed simply by wiping with a cloth. When this happens, more drastic steps would have to be taken to remove the grease stains.

The traditional method for removing grease is using chemicals and detergents. While the chemical provides an excellent agent for the removal of grease, they potentially leave behind harmful chemical strains that may get into food during preparation or when cooking. The cost of using these chemicals are high – potentially entailing long-term health concerns for the family.

Using a steam cleaner is one of the most effective and hygienic cleaning methods which can be used on a variety of surfaces and materials – all without chemical residues. In addition, steam cleaning does not use any chemical cleaning agents. Instead, using jetted steam at high temperatures, the grease and oil are dislodged and broken down, and removed easily while ensuring that your kitchen top and surrounding are spick and span.

3. Minimise mold in the bathroom

Mold are neither plants nor animals. They are in fact microscopic organisms containing enzymes and spores. Mold thrives in a damp and moist environment. Often after a hot shower, mold, when left unattended, accumulates along the edges of the shower area. Unbeknownst to the naked eye, mold also collects in the crevices of bathroom tiles. 

Children and the elderly may sometimes develop symptoms such as headache, skin rashes, nausea, sinus and cough when coming into contact with mold. Hygiene and health-wise, eradicating mold is a critical task at home, but not an impossible one to fix easily with steam cleaning.

Firstly, it is important to consider the finish of your bathroom tiles which will dictate the type of cleaning products that you will want to use. Before you begin cleaning, you should run a hot shower on the tiles for a few minutes. This has the effect of opening up the ceramic pores of the tiles, allowing you to have access to more of the grime and muck coating the tiles.

With the grime and muck softened by the steam from the hot water, a steam cleaner, using the jet of heated steam, is able to remove the mold effectively. Microscopic steam particles force their way into even the hardest to reach crevices and tiniest recesses to thoroughly loosen mold and other dirt particles without the need for potentially hazardous chemicals. The high temperature steam kills 99.9% of mold, and also all common household bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment.

If you seek that perfect all-in-one deep cleaning solution that is ergonomic and hassle-free, rest easy for steam cleaning will afford you a peace of mind this weekend and for many more weekends to come. Minimise your stress as you steam-roll your way to clean with verve and style and your perception towards cleaning is bound to changed forever.

Where to buy: The SC 2 Deluxe Steam Cleaner retails for S$238 and is available from all major authorised retail stores.

Article contributed by Vincent Sim, General Manager, Kärcher Singapore