These dos and don'ts will help you keep your wood furniture in good condition so they'll last. 

Image: The Association


  • Lift furniture when moving around. Pushing puts strains on the joints and joinery.
  • Cover outdoor pieces with waterproof tarps. Dampness will cause furniture to swell and eventually crack.
  • Set heavy items like a potted plant on felt or a non-abrasive protective mat when placing it on any wood surface.


  • Put a damp or cold glass or pitcher directly on a wood table or counter as moisture might seep into the wood, causing water stains. Use coasters instead.
  • Place untreated furniture in direct sunlight or wet areas. UV rays result in bleaching and discolouration, while moisture causes the wood to contract.
  • Keep colognes and perfumes on unprotected wood surfaces such as products containing alcohol and other harsh chemicals can damage the finish.