In this episode of Style Spy, we explore ways to dress up your study or home office with plants. Whether or not you have green fingers, these tips will be helpful; learn about the different types of house plants you should choose for this space, how you can care for them, and complement them with the right selection of pots and accessories.

1) Hedera Helix aka English Ivy

Water only when dry. This plant thrives next to a window with bright light. It’s perfect on a tall planter, such as this white wire base and pot from Maissone Home, as the leaves can drape over the pot and planter naturally.

2) Monstera Obliqua

Don’t mistake the holes for insect-eaten leaves — the holes are what make this plant unique! It requires brigh shade, with no direct sunlight. Ensure to keep the soil lightly moist too. Complement this leafy plant with a rose gold hanging globe planter from Tumbleweed to add a touch of luxe!

3) Philodendron Scandens Green

A pretty hardy plant, the Philodendron Scandens requires bright, indirect light and lightly moist soil. It’s pretty fast-growing too and is a great option if you like a lush look in your space. Of course, its variegated leaves also add extra touches of colour. Pair it with a simple, hanging planter such as this ceramic one from Tumbleweed.

4) Rex Begonia

The Rex Begonia should be placed at a spot that offers bright light, without direct sun, as excessive heat will burn the leaves. It should not sit in overly moist soil too as this plant can be susceptible to root rot. There are various colour options in the Rex Begonia family, and their leaves are known to have textured patterns. White zebra pot from Tumbleweed.

5) Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a succulent, so it needs minimal water. Place it under full sunlight, and water only when the soil gets dry. Take note that this plant is toxic to animals such as cats, so place it in a spot where your pets cannot reach.