The aircon is one of the biggest energy-guzzler, so follow these few tips to save energy and money!

  1. Draw the curtains or blinds during the day to screen off heat. If it is too dark, install sheer curtains, which will let light but not heat and glare in.
  2. Once you’ve cooled down your room with air conditioning, turn it off and use the fan to circulate the cool air. Close doors of rooms you’re not using, to keep cool air within the spaces you’re using.
  3. Look out for high energy saving ratings (the more ticks on the Energy Label, the better) when you buy appliances — especially larger ones like fridges, washing machines and dryers.
  4. Turn your air conditioning temperature up by one or two degrees — even this small shift makes a big difference in energy consumption. If your air conditioning unit has one, always select the ‘eco save’ or ‘econo’ option.
  5. Service your air conditioning units regularly, as underperforming units are inefficient and consume more energy.