Have an old-shirt that still looks good, but unfortunately no longer fits? Turn it into a pillow cover! This DIY project is so easy to do, you can even do it with your young child! 

• Button-up shirt
• Throw cushion
• Fabric scissors
• Sewing machine (optional)
• Needle
• Thread


1. With shirt buttoned and flat on your workspace, measure and mark the area of the shirt to cut. It should be 3½cm larger than your cushion on all sides. If your shirt has a pocket, be sure to include it in the area that will be part of your cushion cover.

2. Next, cut through both layers of the shirt. You should now have a square fabric, with the two sides connected by the shirt’s original seams.

3. Turn the cushion cover inside out, then sew the top and bottom of the cushion cover close.

4. Turn the cushion cover right side out. To insert your pillow, unbutton the case, slip the cushion through the opening, and then button it shut.

Tip: Use the shirt pocket to store knick-knacks – or your television remote.

This article was first published on Young Parents.