• 5 magazine pages per coaster
• X-acto knife and ruler, or scissors


1. Tear out magazine pages. Cut off the torn edge on each page, then cut each page in half lengthwise.

2. Fold each strip in half lengthwise. Then fold in thirds, folding the cut edges inward first so they’re hidden inside. Fold it in half at the centre to create a “V” shape.  Repeat with each magazine sheet. 

3. Start a weave by interlocking two strips. This is the bottom left corner of your coaster. 

4. Then add another strip that wraps around the outside of the horizontal bottom strip.

5. Continue weaving to create a lattice. Some strips will wrap around the outside of  the coaster when you start them; some will begin sandwiched between two existing strips. Keep adding to your coaster one strip at a time, making sure to push the papers tightly together. Check your work at the back to make sure the weaves are all even.

6. When the coaster has five horizontal and five vertical strips, finish the edges by securing the strips that appear on the outside. Trim off one end of the strip so that it’s even with the edge of the coaster. Hide raw ends by folding them over the edge of the coaster and tucking them under the closest weave.

7. Strips that appear from the inside of the coaster can be trimmed off.

Tip: Try this with straws and fabric you wish to recycle, too.

This was first published on Young Parents.