House plants never fail to add life and colour into a home, but when you’re so busy with work, it’s hard to find the time to take meticulous care of your household plants. But not anymore! Here are 12 plants that are low maintenance. 

#1: Dracaena:

dracaena, house plant, little effort, easy maintenance, plants
Image: 99 Roots

The Dracaena does not require much attention, just the occasional watering from time to time. Taking care of it is simple – just leave them in a dry and warm place, typically about 18 to 27 deg C. 


#2: Echeveria:

easy to care for, house plants, echeveria, succulents, cacti
Image: Kittimages/ Getty Images

Who can say no to adorable Instagram-worthy succulents? To keep them alive, all you need to do is put them under sunlight, and keep the soil moist.


#3: Boston Fern:

boston fern, house plants, easy plants, fern, planters, low maintenance

The Boston fern effectively provides thick and rich foliage in any home. However, these ferns need a little bit more care. Mist them once or twice a week, and keep them under indirect sunlight.

TIP: The Boston Ferns make for an excellent feature wall too! 


#4: Aloe:

aloe vera, house plant, easy to care for, succulent, low maintenance
Image: Jeremy Hopley/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

You might know the Aloe Vera for its many skin benefits, but it is also a house plant that’s easy to look after! Being a succulent makes the Aloe able to survive in dry conditions.


#5: Assorted Cacti:

cacti, cactus, easy to care for, house plant, low maintenance
Image: Sugar & Cloth

Here’s another one for the Instagram enthusiasts. The best part about owning cacti is that they only require watering around once every month. Plus, if you’re up for a DIY project, source for mini potted cacti and create your own little terrarium!

TIP: Don’t know how to make your own terrarium? Then you’ll love this extra-easy DIY trick


#6: Philodendron:

Philodendron, house plants, easy to care for, low maintenance
Image: GQ

Get your home looking tropical with the Philodendron, which require little to no attention! All you need to do is ensure the soil is dried out between waterings, so they don’t drown.


#7: Snake Plant:

house plants, easy to care for, low maintenance, snake plant

The Snake plant is another that can survive weeks on end without care. Its lush green colour and its structure will make your home look fresh and lively. They also don’t require much watering, and do not need direct sunlight


#8: Cast-Iron Plant:

house plants, easy to care for, low maintenance, cast iron plant, indoor plant
Image: artiplant

The Cast-Iron plant lives up to its name, being resistant to low light, humidity, and a variety of different temperatures, and of course, negligence. Just remember to keep the soil moist!


#9: Jade Plant:

house plant, jade tree, succulent, easy to care for, low maintenance
Image: Eeva Kolu

With its luscious leaves, the Jade Plant provides a good visual appeal for the home. A bonus? They don’t require a ton of care. This succulent only requires you to give it a little water when the soil is dry.


#10: Kalanchoe:

kalanchoe, flower, oriental, seasonal, easy to care, house plant
Image: The Unscripted Mind

You’ve probably seen this colourful planter all around during Chinese New Year. The Kalanchoe adds a pop of colour with its bright flowers, and also requires little watering.


#11: Pothos:

house plant, easy to care for, pothos, bathroom, low light
Image: Design Sponge

If you’re getting a plant for the first time, the Pothos would be a good one to start with. They grow well in low light places such as the bathroom and the office, and in bright light places such as the balcony.


#12: Calathea:

house plant, calathea, easy to care for, low maintenance, stripey
Image: Lauren Conrad

If you’re up for a little bit more responsibility, then try getting the Calathea! The spots, patterns and colours add a nice touch to a home. They should, however, be watered every two to seven days. 


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