We all love the look of plants at home. Research even shows that plants lower stress and improve your well-being. With these easy-to-care-for plants, you'll get the benefits without needing a green thumb! Read Part 1 here

(image: Etta and Odie)

Money Plants

A larger version of this creeper is usually sold in a pot with a centre support for the vines to grow up on. They are inexpensive and can grow quite large. Money plants are also known as natural air purifiers as they absorb toxins and chemicals in the air.

Tips to grow: Yellow or fading leaves are a sign of overexposure to sunlight, so keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Twice a month, water the soil until fully soaked and drain it out from the bottom of the pot.


Lucky bamboo, which grows in water, looks beautiful all year long. It's hardy and resilient – if you're look for a plant that requires no watering at all, this is it! 

Tips to grow: Keep your bamboo away from direct sunlight. Place the stalks in a glass container, filled with beautiful pebbles or rocks to hold them up. Fill the container with bottled spring water, fully covering the roots. Twice a month, change the water to keep the plant healthy and to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 

(image: Etta and Odie)

Air Plants

You can't go more low-maintenance than these. They require absolutely no soil! You can use them in many creative ways – hot glue them onto magnets for your fridge, hang them on walls with wire hooks as decor, or tuck them around your bookshelf. 

Tips to grow: Air plants like airy spots with good ventilation, such as a big open room. Mist them with a spray twice a month.


It's a hardy, beautiful plant that's great with chicken, pork and fish, or you can infuse oils and vinegars with the herb. it doesn't wilt easily, so you can spruce up your table decor with cuttings tied around dinner napkins. 

Tips to grow: Rosemary is a desert plant that thrives under harsh conditions. It likes direct sunlight and very little water. Water it twice a month and prune it often.