After spending hundreds on appliances, the last thing you want is to shorten their lifespan. Here are some simple ways to extend the life of your kitchen appliances.


Remove stains and grease with a paste made with equal amounts of baking soda and water after each use. Baked-on grease can catch fire and may cause the thermostat to malfunction, says technician Billy Tan. Never spray cleaning solutions near the heating element or on a hot and unprotected oven light – they may shatter. 


Clean the condenser coils, usually at the back of the fridge, every three to six months – dust and dirt reduce the fridge’s efficiency, making it work harder and wear down faster, says Billy. Unplug and pull out the fridge, then vacuum the coils; or call in a serviceman for help. Don’t forget to clean the condenser coils under your fridge, too. 


Try not to process foods like hard spices and coffee beans, as they can damage the plastic bowl. Sometimes, even common nosh like nuts can do damage – over time, they may even break the blades. To clean your food processor, try reader Anita Devan’s tip: Pour some water and vinegar into the bowl, and power it on for a couple of seconds. This cleans every point under the blade. Flush the blade and bowl with clean water.