Question: Does using aromatherapy burners in an air-conditioned room cause mould to build up in the coils of the air-con unit?

Answer: Yes, says a spokesman for LG Electronics Singapore. As your essential oils diffuse, oil particles in the air get absorbed into the air-conditioner where, over time, they accumulate dust. “The air-con blowers will also get wet from condensation and the moisture becomes a catalyst for mould growth,” says the spokesman. “This is the perfect condition for mould to multiply quickly, especially during periods when the air-con is turned off and the temperature rises in the room. This causes jelly-like substances to form that will clog up the fan coil and reduce wind flow, leading to further clogging of the water pipe that results in water dripping.”

Engage an air-con specialist to conduct a chemical cleaning, which will remove accumulation from every part of the unit, including the filter and evaporator. Expect the entire fan coil to be removed for dismantling, cleaning and disinfecting.

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Article by Wong Siow Yuen. 

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