(Shaped and tinted mirror designs by from the Morocco Collection by French designer José Lévy and Corinne Bensimon.)


Question: My home is dim and needs some large mirrors, but they can look clinical. Any suggestions?

Answer: Nothing beats mirrors for their ability to brighten up a space, but if you find regular mirrors “cold”, try tinted ones. 

This trending material provides subtle hues and warmth and can create a special ambience. Keep in mind that dark tinted mirrors don’t reflect as much light as a normal mirror, says Mark Yong of PIU Design. Other options would be gold-tint mirrors, bronze-tint mirrors, and untinted antique-finished mirrors. Mark recommends the last option if light reflection is a priority, as it is clear like a regular mirror, but “tarnished or with mercury run-offs”. 

Don’t limit mirrors to walls; you can apply them to tabletops, cabinet fronts and even ceilings.


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Article by Wong Siow Yuen.