Acorn fan
Image: Acorn Marketing

As a general rule of thumb, the more blades a fan has, the better the wind delivery. However, other factors such as the design and angle of the fan blade are also important to performance, says Eric Tay, founder of ceiling fan specialist Acorn Fan.

The wider the blades, the better the fan will be in moving air when it’s rotating, shares Eric. ”Use your hand to demonstrate this – close up your fingers and move them up and down rapidly, you will feel more ‘breeze’ as compared to doing that with one finger.”

Fan blades positioned at steeper angles (16 to 26 degrees) will also move a larger amount of air, but they also require more powerful motors to reach a high speed.

So even a two-blade fan, such as Acron’s Futuriste AC-309 model, can perform well in terms of wind delivery, as a result of its wider than usual blades and angle of pitch (36 degrees). In fact, Eric says this model is one of the best in terms of performance among their models!