(Design: One is to One)

Have lots of knick-knacks to showcase, like your extensive toy collection?

Build full-height display shelves and cabinets — they give the illusion of a higher ceiling, while offering display space.

Style them with these accessories.

(Design: Artistroom)


The haphazard nature of plant growth is a feature in its own right. Try using creeper plants to add an interesting, random visual effect to your shelf.

Coffee table books

Coffee table books serve not only for your reading pleasure, but also add height to your displays, like decor accessories and terrariums, while adding a personal touch.

Track lights

Kuo Shiong, manager at lighting retail store Star Lighting, advises that track lights should be typically placed at an angle of between 24 to 40 degrees from the item you’re illuminating. A smaller angle results in a narrow beam with strong intensity, while a wider angle provides coverage for a larger area with low light intensity.