The words Feng Shui literally translates mean to “Wind and Water” in English. Throughout Chinese-descent communities, Feng Shui is first and foremost used to describe the flow of Qi or Chi (energy).

In properties, locations, real estates, and houses, Feng Shui is also often used to assess the qualities of the energy of the area – where is energy coming from or converging at? Who and where is this energy affecting?

Over here in Singapore, Feng Shui house selection is a popular way amongst locals to determine the property’s potential and shortcomings.

No, no, Feng Shui is not a magic trick for you to get rich!

People consult Feng Shui masters before buying or renovating their HDB BTOs, condominiums, or even landed properties to ensure that the energy within the space is balanced (and the family members will be healthy, at peace, and successful).

With the November HDB BTO 2022 application just around the corner, we asked Master David Goh of Imperial Harvest how to go about choosing the best Feng Shui HDB flat:

1. First, look at the HDB BTO’s Land Form

HDB Nov BTO 2022 Review: Queenstown, Kallang Whampoa, Bukit Batok, Tengah, Yishun
HDB Nov BTO 2022 Kallang Whampoa sees the convergence of two water dragons, forming the Double Dragon Emerging out of Oceans formation (双龙出海局), enabling auspicious wealth energies to gather and accumulate, shares Master Goh.

“The Feng Shui of a house is determined by the quality of the landform, completeness of the layout and orientation of the house.

Landform governs 60 per cent of House Feng Shui, therefore it is important to select a BTO nested in a good-quality land site,” shares Master Goh.

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2. How to choose a good Feng Shui HDB BTO unit? 

There are three steps in choosing a good Feng Shui HDB BTO unit. They are namely:

  • Land form
  • Kitchen location
  • Occupants’ Ba Zi and Gua number

Choose an ideal shape of land

“Based on the principles of Emperor Landform, the ideal shape of a piece of land is a square or rectangle.

The term “Four Points of Gold” (四点金) was coined to describe a regular unit layout with no missing sectors.

However, this is not possible in today’s BTO context where the construction of new BTO flats has taken a modular approach. Therefore it is inevitable to have houses with missing sectors.

Select units that align with your goals.

For example, couples who want children should avoid selecting a unit with missing sectors in the Northeast and West because these sectors represent young children in our family.

Those who want their children to do well in their careers, avoid selecting a unit with missing sectors in the Northwest and Southwest as it undermines the power and authority of their work and may cause leakage of wealth,” shares Master Goh.

Choose the right kitchen direction

“The kitchen governs the health of the house and it represents the fire element.

It is important that the kitchen does not appear in the following sectors:

  • North
  • Northwest
  • West

Kitchen should not be in the North sector

  • Represents the water element and corresponds to the reproductive organs of our body. If the kitchen (fire element) is located here, the resulting Fire-Water elemental clash will bring about difficulties in conceiving a baby.

Kitchen should not be in the Northwest sector

  • Represents the metal element, corresponding with power and authority. If the kitchen (fire element) is located here, the resulting Fire-Metal elemental clash will cause instability in careers and businesses, leading to difficulties in wealth accumulation.
Feng Shui House Selection: How to Choose Best Feng Shui HDB BTO Unit? (Photo Pexels Charlotte May)

Kitchen should not be in the West sector 

  • Represents the metal element, corresponding with communication and harmony. If the kitchen (fire element) is located here, the resulting Fire-Metal elemental clash will cause disharmony and conflicts at home.”

Choose based on your Bazi chart & Gua number

“Finding the ideal facing direction of your home is dependent on your Bazi chart. Every Bazi chart corresponds to a unique Gua number, which highlights auspicious and inauspicious directions.

This would require the help of a professional Feng Shui master to perform the calculations to ensure that the house with an optimal direction is selected.

The Gua number is calculated based on the date of birth and gender of a person.

In Feng Shui, the year of birth holds influence on certain qualities, abilities and features of an individual. Better understanding of the Gua Number helps the development of an individual’s potential, and the overall improvement of their life.

Your Feng Shui master should provide you with your Gua number and auspicious directions, just like this example:

Female, DOB: 1 Oct 1991
Gua Number is 6
Auspicious Direction: West (best), Northeast, Southwest, Northwest”

What should a Feng Shui House Selection consultation include?

So, if you’re planning to engage a Feng Shui master with your house selection or renovation journey, what should you be looking out for (so you don’t get scammed)?

Prices for Feng Shui house selection ranges from $58 for an impromptu, short and brief consultation (which may not be useful at all), to $288 to $2,000 for a comprehensive reading.

In Master Goh’s case, he charges $588 flat fee for his Feng Shui HDB BTO house selection consultation.

For $588, you should be getting:

  • Analysis of the main door’s energy influence with respect to the property’s various rooms
  • Analysis of each individual room’s door, and its influence on occupants
  • Analysis of the property’s stove and its influence on occupant’s health
  • Analysis of study table position, and its influence on work and academic performance
  • Analysis of property’s beds and its influence on occupants’ wealth, health and relationships
  • Analysis of the position property’s altar table, and its influence on the household’s overall prosperity (if applicable)
  • Mapping landform features surrounding the property, analysed with respect to San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart

Does furniture placement affect my house’s Feng Shui?

Dato’ Joey Yap, who recently told us that furniture placement doesn’t matter at all in Feng Shui, lets us in on four must-know facts about Feng Shui.

Feng Shui House Selection: How to Choose Best Feng Shui HDB BTO Unit? (Photo Pexels Rodnae Productions)

Can I add artworks and decorations to my Feng Shui house?

The placement of ornaments is not going to have dramatic life-changing effects on someone’s life. In fact, they don’t matter at all – unless it’s a water feature. 

“Be careful with the placement of external bodies of water, such as ponds created by landscaping, rock gardens or rock waterfalls. Their positions should be in tandem with individual auspicious directions,” says Dato’ Joey Yap.

When should I engage a Feng Shui master for redecorating?

Before making big changes to one’s home, one should first study the Feng Shui of the exterior. Understanding the flow of Qi outside the home helps to determine how the expert can ensure good energy flows in a suitable direction towards and within the home.

The benefits of Feng Shui would not be noticeable if it is used half-heartedly, without being properly educated on the nuances of its practice.