Notice a sharp increase in your water bill? Perhaps you have a leak. 

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Image: Museum Homes

Look out for:

1. Rust-tinged water
2. Water pressure of your shower and faucets dropping significantly
3. Your water meter running even when all faucets and water fixtures are turned off
4. Leaks in the toilet bowl. This can be detected by placing a drop of food colouring in the tank. If the colour runs into the bowl, there might be problems with the toilet’s flapper.

Causes of water leakage:

1. Loose fittings 
Washers and joints of your taps can come loose over time. Replacements can be found in most hardware stores.

2. Deteriorating pipes
Metal pipes start to deteriorate after five or seven years, and this can lead to hard-to-find cracks and even rust. As most pipes are hidden behind walls, it would be best to employ a professional to fix the issue.

3. Clogs in drains and toilets
For clogged toilets, there is nothing a good strong plumber cannot fix, but be wary of the nasty culprits buried in your pipes. Be sure to wear gloves!


While some leaks might be easy to fix, it is always best to consult a plumber if you come across a problem you are unsure of. Check out PUB’s list of licensed plumbers at