The perfect finishing touch to any space would be plants and flowers. We consult florist Aude Giraud, of Ask a French, on her tips, tricks and beginner must-knows to putting a bouquet together.

1) Colours, colours, colours

Aude Giraud (AG): “Colours are very important. When you create a bouquet, you need to know where you are going to place it to make a good match. It’s an interior design/fashion process. And it’s like creating a painting, think first before you create, and let your intuition run free.”

2) But if you’re just starting out, a single colour palette is key

AG: “If you want to keep it safe, do not play with too many colours. Choose one colour palette like shades of pink, but remember that it is important to pick flowers with different textures. Choose beautiful foliages to go with your flowers — they play a very important part in a flower arrangement.

3) Try these flowers if it’s your first time

AG: “Eustomas is an interesting flower to use in Singapore. It has this romantic look, like a garden rose, but without thorns. So it is quite easy to handle for beginners. Limoniums, baby’s breath and statice are also easy, plus, they can dry very well.”

4)  Like humans, flowers need to be cared for

“Flowers are just like us humans — they too, need to drink and bathe in clean water. When you receive a bouquet, unwrap and place in a clean container. Change the water of your vase every day. The level should be three quarters the height of your container. And trim the stems by one cm every two days.”

5) And they don’t just belong on the coffee table…

AG: “You can always place your flowers in the bathroom next to the mirror, at your entrance and on your dining table, so you see them often.”

6) Lastly, never underestimate the vase

AG: “The vase is 50 per cent of the effect. For instance, eucalyptus is an elegant and effortless chic foliage — pair it with your favourite flowers, choose a beautiful vase, and voila.”