You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket looking for home accessories. Here are some easy and fun ways you can revamp some old pieces or create new items without breaking your budget. 

1. Revamping an old side table 
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Image: Design Happens

If wear and tear has left unsightly marks on your table top, salvage it with some camouflage. Cut coloured duct tape into small squares or triangles or simply tape it across the table to create a pattern. Be creative as possible! Just be sure to make precise measurements for an end-product that looks polished. 

2. Make a calendar out of sticky notes
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Image: Modern Parents, Messy Kids

Add personality and some serious function to a plain wall by putting up a self-made calendar. Use rows of post-it notes to form the "calendar". Go with purple for the main colour, yellow for the header and pink to signify important events. Besides being very affordable and easy to put up and remove, you can just grab a note of the wall as you're headingout the door to keep as a reminder of the day's important tasks. 

3. Use yarn to jazz up an ordinary container bottle
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Image: Everything Etsy 

Don't let your leftover twine or utility rope go to waste. With a litte bold-hued yarn, craft glue, and some patience, you can make cool containers for your desk or bedside table. Knot the end of the yarn, and wrap it around the bottle. Tightly coil the yarn from the bottom until it reaches the top. Use craft glue to secure the coils, and leave it to dry for a few minutes.