Looking to give your home a personal touch with fun homemade decorations? Or perhaps you have some time to kill? 
See these fun DIY home decoration ideas that will inspire you to make some to put up on your walls. They are simple to do too!

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Image: Country Living

1. Wall art
Not using the vintage styled plates at home? Pick out your favourite ones in different sizes and prefably boldly-hued or uniquely-patterned ones to put up on a blank wall in your home! Stick them directly onto the wall using two to three strips of heavy duty double-sided tape per plate. Do try laying them out before attaching them to the wall.

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Image: Casadiez.es

2. Books for legs
If your paperbacks are threathening to overwhelm your home, why not turn them into a table? Stack them up to form the legs, then place a piece of bevelled glass or wood on top as the surface. For extra sturdiness, prop them up against a wall!

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Image: This is Me Christine Marie

3. Wine glass turned lampshade
Doesn't this look classy? Just get a beautfully designed cup (prefably translucent or transparent) or even a nice paper piece and decorate it however you like it. Next, get an inexpensive wine glass to put a tea light candle in! Place the cup over the wine glass and voila! There's a simple but beautiful lampshade.

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Image: Eat Well 101

Don't let your leftover materials go to waste. Create a charming tray with items you may not need anymore. Simply take an old cabinet door or a sturdy piece of wood, screw on some handles and you're left to design it according to your own style!
The fun part about this tray is that you can give it different looks by switching the handles. Sleek and simple handles would be perfect for a casual breakfast, while ornate and feminine ones could be used for an elegant tea party.