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Learning how these pests get into our homes, and removing the elements that attract them, may offer some help.

You might have covered
 the gutter trap and shut the bin chute, but because cockroaches have flat bodies, they are able to slip through any cracks or gaps around bin chutes or doors, says Lim Min Hui, operations director of Rentokil Initial Singapore.

She says that cockroaches are drawn to moist conditions so, as a preventive measure, 
fix any leaking taps and clean hard-to-reach areas behind cabinets or the fridge. Before going on a holiday, homeowners should seal their home’s
 bin chute cover to prevent cockroaches from entering.

Ants also tend to appear 
in damp, moist areas. Check moisture sources such as sinks, potted plants and electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathroom for ants’ nests.

Seal all cracks in tiles and walls to prevent ants from crawling through. If the problem becomes serious despite all your efforts, consider engaging a pest-control service provider to identify areas prone to infestation, and to use more professional means of luring them out.