storage box, clear clutter

Chinese New Year is coming, and you need to deal with the clutter in your home. What do you do with all the items you've accumulated that you still want to keep, or bulky items you want to trash? Sort them into two lists – to trash, and to keep, and call one of these two new services to help you either throw the items away, or store them somewhere else. 

Don't be a bad neighbour and discard big bulky items at the lift landing or horrors in the lift itself. Call professional waste disposal company Junk to Clear to help you do the job! They're a member of The Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), and accredited by Bizsafe and Casetrust to help you clear your unwanted items in a responsible and eco-friendly way. Check out their website at, you can even email them a photo for a free online quotation.

The Work+ Store Valet Storage Service is a new hassle-free storage solution that will help you clear your home of items you don't need at the moment, such as seasonal decorations, winter clothes, sports equipment, and so on. You won't even need to step out of your house. Just order your storage containers online, and the company will deliver the containers. Once you're done packing your items, they'll collect them back and store them for you. When you decide to retrieve the items, the containers are delivered back to you. 

Boxes are $12 each a month to rent (inclusive of packing materials, drop off and pick-up), and delivery for retrieval of items is $20 per request. More details at